Go with the Flo: Brands in Year 2020

How will brands evolve in the next 5 years?

A colleague asked me this million dollar question which made me realise two things:


1) We are all too busy playing catch up with the latest trends, technology, music, movies and you-name-it, that 5 years appears to be an absurdly long period of time that will hold countless updates and changes!


2) I need to give my colleague more things to do, she seems to be too free to be asking me such a question.


So here’s my 2 cents. And trust me, a 2 cents answer to a million dollar question, is the best deal you will get on the internet today.



Consumer behavior

I see, I like, I buy. If I don’t buy, I’d like to put it on a board so I can admire it until my next payday, so I can buy it. However, I just got a new credit card to add to my last 5 credit cards, so I might not have to wait. Buy, buy, buy. Instant gratification. Consumers will always be looking for comfort to justify their hectic work lifestyle and to maintain their sanity. Be it yoga classes, the next step tracker or their next vacation, consumers will want to be able to access all of these “comforts” and “escapes” at their finger tips. That means, brands that are able to provide instant purchase via mobile or a faceless transaction, will win the 2020 race.



5 years ago, Nokia had the biggest market share in mobile phones, followed by Blackberry. Now almost everyone owns an iPhone or a Samsung, and for some of our more adventurous friends, they are owners of other brands like HTC, Sony and depending on the market, Xiaomi. It just shows that if a brand is insightful and intuitive enough, they can be the next big thing consumers will be dying to own. Besides mobiles phones and gadgets, Google and Facebook have also evolved strongly to be a part of everyone’s daily lives for very good reason which I will discuss in a seperate article.


Basically, we used to send text messages and use our local lan lines to make phone calls so that we won’t incur exorbitant charges on our mobile plans, now we are only available on Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, where replies are also expected immediately, and both voice and/or video calls can be made . Whatsapp’s “Last Seen” feature has caused a lot of trouble. #justsaying


Anyway, here are some of my predictions to add to the list of predictions (absurd or not):


– Google will still be a power-house in our lives; they will control most parts of our lives and most prominently, they’ll bring back the improved Google glasses (after their failed attempt 6 years earlier)


– Tesla will be launching their flying vehicle for the super-rich


– Apple will launch their iArm, which is the combination of the ‘iPhone’ and the ‘Apple Watch’


Mmmm.. iArm. How do you think brands will evolve in the year 2020? What will you want your favourite brands to be capable of then?


Back to work,