New Year Resolution 101




With the arrival of a new year comes along the repetitive incessant queries on what your New Year resolutions are.  Some of us feel that New Year resolutions give us a sense of direction and purpose to drive us through the year. But seriously, how many of us actually accomplish or even remember the resolutions we made?


Here are reasons why starting a new year without resolutions might actually be the best thing you can do for yourself and your business:




1) Everyday is a brand new start. We don’t necessarily need to go through the motions of today as we did yesterday because we all know that everyday poses different challenges. We change our mindsets and attitudes when faced with situations and collect experiences and lessons along the way. Therefore by limiting ourselves to the new year, we are are wasting 364 equally great days to start being great!


Tip: Create daily or weekly goals instead and measure your progress throughout the year. This way your goals will be more specific and you will be more motivated when you are aware and witness the full process of achieving your goals.




2) We may not want to admit it but coming up with a resolution at the beginning of the year can be pretty impulsive. Often peer pressure and the current situation we are in may highly influence our resolutions. Take for example a situation where you are out having a drink and ushering in the brand new year and someone decides to open up the topic of resolutions, naturally most of us would immediately declare the one that pops into our heads the soonest. Most times, this resolution is forgotten by the time June rolls in. Simply because it wasn’t one made with great thought but instead one made for inclusion into a topic of conversation. Just ask anyone who is hungover after a crazy night out ushering in the new year, what their resolution is for the year? You’d still see them at Happy Hour on the coming Friday.


Tip: Be realistic about your goals. Be specific when finalising them. Break down the tasks required to achieve your goals and measure them against a timeline. 




3) What happens if you decide to take your resolutions seriously but still fail at it eventually? You will feel terrible about it. However, we never know how the year is going to play out and what experiences in terms of successes or failures we are going to encounter. Making that resolution at the start of the year and simply just harping on it could work out two ways. Firstly you could possibly achieve it and that would bring you a great sense of relief and accomplishment but what if you achieved it by May? Now what will you do for the rest of the year, resolution-less. Second scenario finds you in December, and you have not met that resolution or even started it. The immense disappointment and frustration could possibly overwhelm you and pretty much bruise your self-confidence. This could result in beginning the following year completely demoralized.


Tip: Resolutions are okay only if you know what you are getting yourself into. Do you?


When we make resolutions we should remember to always be as realistic as possible and ensure that it is within your reach. Be optimistic and concentrate on resolving the challenges that appear along the way and don’t give up too easily. You can do this!


“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” ~ Maya Angelou