ACS International School

Building through Belief

Though the ACS brand in education is well established in Singapore, the ACS International School, that currently attracts both local Singaporean and international students, was not clearly positioned within the family of ACS brands, and was also in need of refreshment in terms of its graphic language.


During the Brand DNA workshop, facilitated by Brandcourage, with the key representatives from administration, education and marketing, the brand promise ‘Building from Believe’ was created to purport a more emotional positioning for ACS International. This new brand positioning echoed their belief that learning should be rewarding and enjoyable; that they could offer a truly student-centred and holistic international education; with strong pastoral support from their dual Christian and ACS heritage.


The new positioning and graphic language, replaced the ‘Ye Olde’ fonts for more contemporary styling, were then used to develop new communications assets in print, video and digital. The online experience was re-designed around visitor journeys that were specifically configured to be relevant to each visitor type.