The Essential Element

The key activity of AvantChem is focused on their role as an integrated specialty chemical distributor. This is a relatively crowded market space with many chemical distributors, of various sizes, all competing against one another for both the attention of both their principals (OEMs) as well as potential customers across the coatings and inks, life sciences, plastic and rubber. AvantChem represent some of the most important global principals in the chemical industry and differentiator themselves in the high quality of service that they were able to offer their Asian-wide client base serviced with infrastructure and expertise in all key markets. Their brand promise was crafted consensually with the inputs from all of the seven offices and was based upon their well-earned reputation for delivering where others cannot. Being ‘The Essential Element’ encapsulated their commitment to being reliable, responsive and resourceful. The new identity, look and feel was based upon a simple premise, which was to emulate the feel of the principals and to stand apart from the rest of their competitors.