Our way in energy

Banpu, an established energy leader in Asia, brought in Brandcourage to look at its brand vision and how it was to position itself for the future. They were anticipating big changes in the energy sector including increasing international competitive pressures, worldwide environmental concerns and customer price sensitivities.


Externally ‘Our way in energy’ meant… “We are on our way to build sustainable values for our stakeholders as a trusted partner with emphasis on care for the earth and society. We are the Asian energy company at the heart of innovation, technology and sustainability. Our way means that we care; we are nurturing; we consider others; it’s not just about profits.”


Internally ‘Our way in energy’ meant… “We are together, inclusive, collective, with shared values across our organisation. It has been ‘our way’ from the beginning; from our humble roots; set by our Chairman (Mr. Chanin Vongkusolkit). Our way has been based upon the principles of our shared values; the Banpu Heart.”