Beautiful People

Because our dreams matter

In 2015, Brandcourage was pleased to be involved with Beautiful People on a pro bono basis. Beautiful People is a volunteer movement based in Singapore, whose mission is to empower the dreams of disadvantaged youths and strengthen their families and networks. Since our set-up in 2006, Beautiful People have nurtured relationships between their ‘big sisters’ (mentor volunteers) and the ‘little sisters’ (mentee youths). In recent years, they have extended their reach beyond working with girls, to work with other groups (including boys, inmates, as well as young mothers and their children). In line with this significant shift, Brandcourage was able to provide strong support in terms of brand consulting to assist with the transition.


The process involved an update of their identity and a shift to more volunteer-focused communications, as they needed to bring in volunteers that had a stronger level of empathy and commitment (as big sisters or brothers), such that they saw themselves in the beneficiaries, identifying with their problems and wanting to commit larger amounts of their time to helping them. The line ‘If you see beauty in her/him, we know there’s beauty in you’ was about finding this match between volunteer and beneficiary.


The work is ongoing in 2016 with the launch of new initiatives. We love Beautiful People!