Dusit Hospitality Education

Beyond education

The hospitality industry is an important sector for the Thai economy. In fact it represents approximately 20% of Thailand’s gross domestic product (GDP). The country has an average of more than 30 million tourist arrivals every year, yet there are many Thai people who are still in poverty. The Dusit Group saw hospitality education as both an opportunity as well as an obligation to make a difference. With over 40 years legacy in both hospitality and education; they see their role as offering ‘transforming through relevance’ to change the status quo; and in doing so, contribute to their brands, their business and their country’s future.


Across 2017 and 2018, Brandcourage was brought in to reposition their hospitality education offer as ‘best-in-class internationally accredited education partners’. Leveraging the international affiliations as well as their international team. The goal was to reflect the fact that Dusit Hospitality Education is one of the largest hospitality education providers in the world; in fact the only hotel and resort chain that provided academically accredited, relevant hospitality education and training. To truly deliver on what they do best, Dusit Hospitality Education needed to emphasise their continued relevance to the industry and to those who sort a career in this expanding sector. The communications needed to bring forward their passion for the teaching and learning process, so that they may empower their students, their faculty and their industry as a whole.