Horizon Village Outlets

More than you can imagine

Horizon Village Outlets (HVO) is an outlet-shopping brand that will be a first in the Asia Pacific. HVO will be an open-air shopping environment with luxurious European-styled architecture. This destination will house 150 well-established luxury and casual brands from around the world.


Brandcourage was brought in to specifically develop a unique approach to the branding of this outlet mall. After a wide market study and competitive audit, a number of names and identity options were put forward to consumer research amongst the target groups. It was interesting that Horizon as a name tested very positively.


In the over-saturated marketplace where shopping experiences are everywhere and shopping itself has become a form of entertainment, it is important to standout from the everyday and mundane. The target audience has high expectations and tangible benefits are quickly duplicated. The HVO promise ‘More than you can imagine’ focused on a USP that brings together emotive aspects of this curated experience; and in doing so provides a sustainable positioning for the brand. Einstein said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” It is then, imagination that brings to mind new, vibrant and exciting experiences. Imagination is by nature very personal and creates temptations that are truly individual, irresistible and uniquely compelling.