IPOS International

Bridging Possibilities

With the restructuring of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) there was an opportunity to create a new component to their value proposition – this new offer would provide consulting services to Singapore companies to assist with their internationalisation and to better leverage their IP for financial advantage overseas. The new division, IPOS International, needed to be branded.


Brandcourage, working closely with the senior management teams of both IPOS and IPOS International assisted in the consensual development of their Brand DNA – which led in consequence to their new identity and the overall communication of this exciting new era in moving beyond simply being a registrar of IP, but now an active player in reaping the benefits of IP in the global market.


In line with their vision to create ‘a Singapore where innovative enterprises use intangible assets to grow’; and their mission to ‘catalyse industry and enterprise growth by providing IP and intangible asset expertise’ – Brandcourage assisted with the creation of their brand promise of Bridging Possibilities that broadcast the narrative of ‘building an International Centre of Excellence for Intangible Assets (IA), that will transform Singapore into a gateway for innovation flows into.’