ISS International School

Where your fees go

ISS International School is the first and the oldest privately owned international schools in Singapore. It as a small school community of about 500 students across elementary, middle and high school with an aging infrastructure in two separate locations.


Singapore had attracted the attention of many international educators. In fact there are 74 international schools located here. The recent world economic crisis put pressure on many companies in terms of their employees and for the every one new expatriate arriving in Singapore, five more were leaving. This has had a serious implication for educators.


ISS International School faced extremely tough competition for a rapidly decreasing pool of students. The campaign ‘Where your fees go’ was developed to address the key differentiators of small class sizes, dedicated teaching staff and community atmosphere. They could not compete with those who’s key attribute was the school itself. The campaign was launched in late 2016 and is still current. By targeting parents who believe that there is more to a school that just its buildings and equipment, ISS International School increased its enquiries by ten fold and new student sign-ups by two fold.