ISS Summer School


Following on from the brand identity and communications programme for the ISS International School, Brandcourage, was asked to look into the communications opportunities relating to the creation of a ‘summer school programme’ to drive new sales, as well as introduce new families to the education institute and their unique style of student engagement of nurturing, inclusivity and empowerment.


The summer school featured two distinctive learning journeys with mornings dedicated to language skills and abilities filled with games, puzzles and group experiences; with afternoons of fun and adventure sports. The communications strategy was based around ‘discovery’ and with programmes like building the next-gen of cyborgs; creating a masterpiece in paper maché; time-travelling with Dr. Who; or directing their very own blockbuster movie it was set to reflect a character of imagination and ingenuity.


The key visuals consisted of photographs of kids (across the various age groupings) posing without props in various scenarios – that were later completed by adding simple white line illustrations to depict the fun and games that were to be enjoyed at the ISS Summer School Discovery.