Traditions of Tomorrow

A modern Asian restaurant brand concept named after its creator, Chef Nick’s Chinese name. “Jing Ze” combines ‘京’ (Jing) which can be found in Beijing or Nanjing and ‘泽’ (Ze) which, for example, can be found in the name of Chairman Mao, i.e. Mao Ze Dong. Always called ‘Nick’ or ‘Scorpion’, no one actually knew his Chinese name until now. It was thought that the name could be a challenge to pronounce and people will come up with their own variations on how it should sound verbally.


“JingZe’s ‘Traditions of Tomorrow’ will be a modern Asian concept that has been curated, to bring to Kuala Lumpur, the first of its kind and elevate dining experiences,” Nick explains. “JingZe will excel in food quality that will set a new standard, where our maestros will bring a level of personal attention that will be echoed in all aspects of the brand experience.”


The programme focused on establishing a strong visual identity in the form of a wordmark to best represent JingZe’s proposition.