Your HR Cloud

In a figurative sense, Brandcourage saw this as building a business from a small local player to being seen as a leader and regional brand and the go-to-place for HR in the cloud. In a literal way, there were plans to expand the offer; to new countries; to reach out to new customers; and offer new products. In both contexts, there was a need to protect and exploit JustLogin’s intangible assets and their brand needs to be codified, maintained and amplified in its consistency.


The positioning was built upon the premise that they were ‘The HR cloud that does it all’ – allowing business owners to pursue their business goals without worrying about HR…


So what are we promising? In order to develop an effective positioning we needed to make a critical assumption as to whether or not the target audience needs to know, or cares about, the fact that this is a ‘cloud based’ service. Even if we assume yes, the question is then, should it be a communication point or embedded in the brand position. Research showed that it was in fact an important feature; but still we needed to support this with messaging to the target to communicate the key benefits.


The communications, built the narrative that JustLogin was a robust solution; able to meet the pressing HR needs of local SMEs, whether big or small; easy to use and relatively inexpensive; and that the developer was continuously updating it to adapt to changing the market.