KLGCC Resort

Nowhere Better

Designed as Kuala Lumpur’s most stylish integrated resort, KLGCC Resort, is at the heart of everything KL, offering high quality villas, townhouses, condos, service apartments, retail, golf and resort facilities.


Competing against similar developments like E&O Penang, Sentosa Singapore and Danga Bay (comparatives), the KLGCC brand needed to amplify its level of confidence, balance and discernment as captured in their discriminator… “You have reached a certain landmark in your life. You are discerning, confident and balanced in all that you have achieved and all that you desire. You seek a place where your personal harmony can be in balance; a place that represents all that embodies your ideals; a place offers urban lifestyle and natural beauty.”


The aspirational positioning ‘nowhere better’ takes a leadership position. Maybe not the most humble of value propositions – but necessarily against the many me-too developments that also boast about luxury and prestige, but fall short of delivering it in actuality.