Maritime Singapore

Today’s Maritime Singapore delivers

Maritime Singapore is a thriving ecosystem, comprising our global hub port, international maritime centre and strategic maritime interests. Maritime Singapore has and continues to play a key role in the nation’s economic success, contributing 7% of the nation’s GDP and employing over 170,000 individuals.


Brandcourage was appointed by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to create an overarching brand and narrative for the maritime industry at a time when there was a lot of misconception about this sector amongst Singaporeans. After Brandcourage conducted its research with students and mid-career professionals – it was discovered that most saw maritime as providing only blue-collar, menial, dirty and dangerous jobs. Many thought that the only options available were offshore, being away for protracted periods or being located in Tuas. For example talking to young people, we asked the question ‘if there are only 2,000 seafarers in Singapore, what do you think the other 168,000 in the industry do?’


Developing a broader narrative meant that Brandcourage needed to say that ‘Today’s Maritime Singapore is a vibrant international maritime centre and global hub port that is home to over 5,000 maritime establishments. By being vital, versatile, leading and resilient, we create a dynamic and vibrant business environment for the maritime sector that employs over 170,000 people and is essential to Singapore’s prosperity.’