National Gallery Singapore

Let art surprise you

The client sort a concept that was to be progressive; inspiring; thoughtful; creative and inclusive, and above all communicate the Gallery’s twin goals of: (1) Serving as a People’s Museum and top cultural destination which helps cultivate a museum-going culture among the public; (2) Building our reputation as a critically acclaimed art museum and destination. The approach was to support the Gallery’s overacting communications line ‘Let art surprise you’ – and in a literal context, we chose to do this using ‘surprising facts’ about the Gallery’s achievements, that tied together, events, exhibits, news, outreach and innovation.


What can you find in the gallery?


Based upon a listing/counting of elements in the gallery journey – like the phenomena of ‘Easter eggs’ – this builds interest in ‘what’s hidden inside’. The list included expected and unexpected items, like the number of local artists featured; their age range; the physical weight of all the artworks; or the distance, if placed end-to-end.


This was made fun by adding in facts like a countdown – 154,000,000 was raised to support the Gallery’s exhibits and programmes; 5,000,000 visitors have been surprised, moved and inspired by the Gallery since we opened; 1,137,100 curious click from visitor who engaged with us digitally; 436,000 children whose imaginations took flight at the Keppel Centre of Art Education; 177 new works donated this year; 29 collaborations with the world’s leading museums; No. 1 museum in Southeast Asia.