National Productivity Month

Make the change or lose your future

Singapore’s productivity growth has averaged just 1 per cent in the last decade. Singapore also lagged behind other countries in terms of the contribution of productivity growth to GDP growth. Productivity growth in most developed economies contributed to 50-80% of their respective GDP growth, compared to the 19% in Singapore. Brandcourage were appointed by Singapore Business Federation (SBF) to create a brand and communications strategy for the National Productivity Month to punctuate the need for small-to-medium-sized-enterprises (SMEs) to see the significance of productivity as a competitive edge. In order to achieve this, we needed to consensually build this platform with the various ministries, associations and government agencies – not a small task. This was achieved through close collaboration, bringing them together through workshops, discussion groups and eventually at association-level, weekly sessions with the grass-roots teams during implementation. We then coordinated mass communications involving press and radio to drive enquiry, as well as an online to drive traffic to the event microsite. Working in conjunction with our PR partner, we were able to secure the interest of key media. The conference, launched by Prime Minster, Lee Hsien Loong, was a success in attracting full attendance to its launch and a high participation rate from industry across the six key sectors.