Next Hotels

So… what’s next?

With the intent to roll-out Next Hotels as the ‘next gen’ in business travel across Australasia and ASEAN, the brand owners, Next Story Group, required a brand strategy and implementation tool to accompany their ambitions.


“Think Next Hotels, and you get the most enviable name in business travel. Through unravelling and deconstructing the guest journey to its simplest form, the Next brand embraces both time and technology. Adding the latest tech to the guest experience is not enough. Next blends the best aspects of new, relevant technologies with friendly, efficient service to delight every guest.”


“What if there was a hotel that was designed specifically from concept to execution around the present and future needs and wants of the modern business traveller by business travellers? What if there was a hotel that really appreciated the value of your time and designed its space, technology and service around the idea of optimising the time of your day and the comfort of your stay? What if there was a hotel that was flexible, innovative and constantly evolving with the pace of change in technology, consumer demand and travelling trends. Not a slave to what is vogue and a fashion follower but a hospitality Innovator? That hotel is here and now – It is Next Hotels®.”