Novugen Pharma

Accelerating affordable medicine

With the strategic vision of being able ‘to provide innovative and affordable, high-quality medicines to the vast pool of patients across the world’, Novugen Pharma established itself as: a first in Malaysia and furthermore, as a market leader among the top ten research-based pharmaceutical companies in South East Asia by the year 2022. The goal of Novugen is to focus on ‘difficult-to-source, first-to-market, niche products belonging to different therapeutic categories for global markets.’


The brand strategy was to align to both vision and goal and to position them as a responsive branded generic pharmaceutical company based in Malaysia – a rather audacious task.


“At Novugen, our purpose is to bring affordable medicine to the world. As disparities grow across the globe, the mandate is greater than ever to respond. We’ve assembled a team with years of experience in a vast range of roles across the pharmaceutical industry, all with one goal in mind: making high quality generic medicine more easily accessible and available faster to those in need,” emphasises their SVP for Business Development, Viqas Atiq.


Once the strategy and positioning was consensually agreed upon by the management team, Brandcourage developed all aspects of visual and verbal identity across both digital and conventional communications.