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The name ‘Pure’ came from the B2B name ‘Pure Senses’ that is the regional distributer for one of the top home-fragrance brands from the USA. The programme for Brandcourage was to develop a new multi-brand retail experience that would, in fact, be a fighter brand against parallel imports of the same leading US brand (as they were no longer exclusive in all markets) as well as the many others that were now flooding the Asian markets with the increased popularity of home fragrances. The concept for Pure was then based on being a multi-brand retailer that would present itself as the ‘go-to place’ for affordable luxury and premium home-fragrances from around the world. Pure will be both immersive and consistent, from its brand communications to its in-store experience.


Our will say to its customers that you should ‘fuel your soul’ with fragrances that can evoke feelings, emotions and happy memories. Who are we for? Pure is not about a demographic, an age profile, race or economic status; but more a psychographic of consumers that enjoy home or car fragrances and who seek something more discerning than the run-of-the-mill candles and reed diffusers that are widely available. As Pure presents a premium multi-brand approach, it is able to offer a wide range of choices that can appeal to the ‘mood’ of the moments that its customers wish to create. We are a global multi-brand fragrance retailer located in high-profile shopping malls across Asia Pacific. We offer an authentic, inspiring and personal consumer experience that will change your perception of what fragrance can do to transform your living spaces and fuel your very soul.