Red Garden by Red Gum

Fresh. Healthy. Tasty.

Red Garden is a new brand created for Red Gum, the preferred choice for many of Singapore’s finest restaurants, retailers, and food operators. They provide the very freshest salad mixes, fruits and vegetables, farmhouse-style cheeses, antipasto, and gourmet condiments. They import only the finest quality items from Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe. At Red Gum we work directly with the farms that pick our salads. Working closely, this family owned and run business, Brandcourage looked for a solution to their previously ‘white labeled’ produces that occupy a large percentage of the fresh food selection in supermarkets like Cold Storage, Jason’s and Marketplace. Initially rolled out across these Singapore stores, Red Garden consists of dips, antipasto, olives, daily salads and salads (five lines), soon to be increased to include companion products like dressings etc – these fresh, healthy and tasty products come with a signature ‘five-star’ twist, developed by their Certified Master Chef, Roland Scherer, with over thirty years experience in hotels. The new name and identity needed to be extremely versatile, to be adaptive across a myriad of products, packaging configurations and usages.