ReGen Health

Bringing you back

Currently in Malaysia, as in most of the Asian countries, when an patient leaves acute care they return home to recover. However, the period immediately after acute care is the most vital time and without proper rehabilitation the patients chance of returning back to some resemblance of their former lifestyle is dramatically reduced. It is estimated that the chance of full recover will be about 30% compared to similar patients in the UK, US and Australia, where their chance of recovery is expected to be around 60 – 70%. More than double.


ReGen Health is a new rehabilitation offering, set-up in joint venture between Khazanah Nasional and Select Medical, a leader in rehabilitation from the United States. Brandcourage was engaged to create a brand to best represent this across the Asia Pacific. From naming to identity, and from visual communications and messaging, the focus was to promise a vast improvement in the rehabilitation process – ‘Bringing you back’ was not about a full and complete recovery, but increasing your chances of getting back the majority of your previous life. The identity uses the ‘G’ as the anticlockwise arrow of literally turning back time to before the patient’s incident (be it a heart attack, stroke or spinal injury).