Singapore Logistics Industry

We Can

The challenge was to build the right profile for the logistics industry, so that it can attract and retain high calibre talent in a highly competitive marketplace (war for talent). A cornerstone of Singapore’s success story, the logistics industry has been though of as a ‘dirty industry’ it had struggled to get the best students, who opted for the more ‘sexy’ industries in finance and technology. Supported by the leading government agencies in Singapore, the Singapore Logistics Association spearheaded a change process. Brandcourage firstly identified the three key issues of the industry being under valued, under leveraged and under communicated – and them created a programme to address these. The programme set-out to build the profile for the sector in the eyes of the industry (internally), potential recruits (young and mature age) and the general public. The key communication idea centred around the industries ability to achieve impossible tasks on a daily basis. The overall positioning of the campaign was based on the tagline ‘We Can’ which expressed the notion that with Singapore logistics ‘everything is possible’.